WOW, 3D printing

Dean Takahashi of the San Jose Mercury News wrote a few days ago about Ed Fries’ innovative new venture, FigurePrints.
FigurePrints allows you to memorialize your World of Warcraft game-playing experience by creating a 3D figurine of the character you’ve been playing. The figures are one of a kind, completely customized to your character, and they look absolutlely amazing. A few weeks ago I was able to have a look at one of the prototypes (thanks Ed!) and if I hadn’t killed my character off after the 30th level I would have ordered one right then and there. After having put so many hours into playing my character, I can’t think of a better way to memorialize my experience. Seriously. Check them out!
I have a ton of respect for what Ed is doing, and that he was able to make the finances on this work to turn it into a viable business. There is a strong future in affordable customized 3D objects. I tried to make the numbers on something similar work a few years ago and I wasn’t able to get it to make sense financially – so I’m excited to see FigurePrints pull it off successfully!
I wish Ed and FigurePrints the best of luck in their new venture. It’s the first truly affordable custom 3D printing. Huzzah!