San Francisco mayoral candidates

You’ve got to love some of these candidates for mayor of San Francisco.
George Davis. My occupation is Writer/Nudist Activist.

This is a One Issue campaign which is to Make Golden Gate Park Clothing Optional like the major urban parks in Europe. For other policy issues, a well known City Manager will be appointed.
Grasshopper Alex Kaplan. My occupation is Vegan Taxicab Driver.

Born – Moscow, Russia; English – third but only language. Grasshopper: Vegan, Bay swimmer, owner Grasshopper Taxicab. Lifelong musician; guitarist, singer/songwriter. Compassionate, tolerant, supportive, loving. 13 years here residentially challenged. (Does that mean homeless?)
Michael Powers. My occupation is Nightclub Owner.

As a progressive I have owned and operated one of San Francisco’s most unique and innovative nightclubs for 11 years. My creation of the Power Exchange adult sexual liberation experience shows my capacity to embrace every kind of alternative lifestyle and manage multiple environments housed in one totally law-abiding and successful business.
John Rinaldi. My occupation is Showman.

Hi, my name is Chicken John and I’m running for Mayor because I have a vision for the future of this city. I want a city that attracts artists, not one that chases them away; where innovation wins out over gentrification. In other words, a city that actually has a future, and not just a celebrated past.
And that’s only four of them! 🙂