Postparty-um depression

Ahhhhhh. GDC 2007 is over and my brain is still a bit foggy. Or is that from the day and morning spent in Napa over the weekend? Probably a little bit of both. 🙂
(The picture above is of myself and Jane Pinckard, of Gamegirladvance fame… she is now working with the GDC folks.)
For me this year was very hard to balance. With E3 gone there were many more people and companies I wanted to catch up with at GDC, and it was frankly not possible to do everything. So some rather severe prioritization took place. Many of the senior industry people I talked to at the show expressed real frustration about having to do this as well. A lot of them were stuck in hotel suites all day, taking meetings.
It’s unfortunate that at the biggest game industry event of the year, a lot of the top people are stuck in meetings all day and unable to contribute to the event. I believe we should be setting out to have a conversation about our industry at GDC. For that to happen, all parties need to be able to attend. I find myself wondering whether we can have another conference for business; will the new E3 serve adequately for that, could DICE possibly expand to fill the gap, will another conference spring up, or will we all just adjust to this new reality?