DICE 2007

You’ve got to love the DICE Summit. I got in midday yesterday and have so far met up with nearly 50 people. The program hasn’t even started up yet; just the keynote was on Wednesday. Today there are some great talks scheduled. But as with last year, this conference is great mostly because the people are great. At E3 and GDC in general people are very busy and it is hard to catch up with the folks you really want to talk with. Here at DICE they are all basically here and wandering the halls, so you can run into studio CEOs, publisher executives, middleware representatives, platform evangelists… pretty much everyone you may work with on a business basis in the industry.
And it’s in Las Vegas, so hey! Good food, good wine, great shows… how can you beat that? 🙂
At the end of this week, MB and I are hopping a flight to Buenos Aires and Mendoza to celebrate my birthday, her birthday, and Valentine’s Day. I can’t wait!