Who won Christmas?

GamesIndustry.biz is claiming that CNBC claims that NPD claims the Xbox360 beat out the Wii and the PS3 this Christmas. They say the X360 did just about 2 million units, the Wii 1.8 million, and the PS3 750K.
Logically this shouldn’t be a surprise, as the X360 was the only one of the consoles which wasn’t manufacturing-constrained. What I really wonder is: who won between the X360 and PS2, and between the PSP and DS? Those are the more interesting battles this year. When I traveled to electronics stores this holiday season, I saw palletes of both X360 and PS2, but no Wii’s or PS3’s. Neither did I see many PSPs, nor DSs. Who won?
The rough November figures I’ve seen are about:
DS – 900K
GBA – 600K
PS2 – 565K
X360 – 510K
Wii – 475K
PSP – 405K
PS3 – 200K
What do you think? Is it a handheld Christmas, or is this just normal high sales of handhelds due to their lower price? With such high PS3 numbers, will 2007 be the first truly “next-gen” Christmas?
EDIT: Michael from NPD wrote to say, “Hey, those were some predictions from an analyst based on November numbers!” The actual numbers come out Thursday, Jan 11. Keep an eye out for those. Thanks Michael!