New York City bans transfats??

Unbelievable. NYC banned transfats today. Shouldn’t people be allowed to eat what they want? I guess not, not when they rely on health insurance… pretty soon there will be a little checkbox on every insurance application: “Do you eat french fries? Y/N”.
The libertarian in me gets really pissed off at stuff like this. It is government meddling where they shouldn’t be, but of course the argument is that transfats are not healthy, and thus make medical costs higher, which results in higher insurance premiums. But you could say that about many things: hamburgers, pizza, alcohol, candy bars. So when are we going to ban all those?
Perhaps it is a sign that government is too large, when they begin screwing around with things like this. Stick to the important stuff, and stay out of our gullets and our bedrooms please. 🙂