It’s never a good sign when my front page goes empty. It means – I’ve been too freakin’ busy! 🙂
Last week I visited a developer we’re beginning to work with. A great group, but why do they have to live where it is cold? Okay, well, at least I got to visit an area I hadn’t been to before. But I really need to buy some sweaters. I got back from the trip and the next day had a sumptuous mid-day brunch with MB and had to put on sunscreen to keep from getting fried. Let’s hear it for San Francisco’s Indian summers!
It looks like the bad press on PS3 is finally turning around. These two stories (first, second) both seem pretty positive about the system, now that people have gotten their mitts on early test kits. I’m surprised to hear that it is quiet, though with a case that size I suppose there’s a lot of room for the twin nuclear cooling towers it takes to keep the Cell chip from thermal detonation. Nice job to whomever designed the cooling system!
I notice today that someone decided to post up some Wii menu screens on NeoGAF. They look good to me, very simple and very Nintendo! Between NeoGAF and YouTube, I wonder if anything can be kept secret any more?