Pre Press Conference

Well I had hoped to post more here during the week but it’s been solidly crazy this whole week. I never expected that! Now here we are about 5 hours before the press conference and we’ve just got a few loose ends to tie up for the booth and then our pre-show phase will be complete. Okay, maybe more than just a “few” loose ends. But we’re getting there.
It’s been very interesting to see how different people react to high stress and low sleep this past week. Myself, I’ve become very direct and sometimes abrupt, have rubbed a few people the wrong way but then cleaned it up afterward. Other folks have gotten quiet, or taken short walks, or gotten really pissy with me. But we can all ground ourselves in common cause, so when emotions come up we take some deep breaths, take a time out, whatever, then come back together and sort ourselves out and press forward at high speed. It’s been stressful and yet satisfying.
Can’t wait to hear what you all think of the press conference! I think we’ve got some very exciting stuff to show. The press conference is being broadcast on and Gamespot, at 4pm Pacific time.