Robot wars!

At our GDC party this year our goal was to create a space where technology and emotion crash together, and to show the amazing things that can be created from their fusion. Like videogames. Electronica. And… fighting robots!
The robot wars were amazing. As the night progressed they got more and more outrageous, and the sounds of hundreds of pounds of robots smashing into each other at high speed could be heard all the way across the hall, even over the loud sounds of Uberzone and the DJ Unimog. Here are a few robot war highlights:
I wish I’d gotten a photo of the fire marshalls all gathered around watching this robot. They seemed to really be enjoying the show!
flame robot.jpg
One of the highlights toward the end of the night was the “NTSC” robot. It was a TV and VCR on a stand, independently mobile and playing back some bad television. A spinner robot came at it and you should have seen the splinters explode across the arena!
ntsc robot before.jpg
After NTSC was incapacitated, the spinner robot set upon the TV itself – with a mighty explosion of analog electronics, the tube burst dramatically…
ntsc robot after.jpg
It was a fun party – thanks to everyone who came!