Goodbye GDC 2006

GDC is over. Well, for the most part. We’ve still got Video Games Live and our traditional morning-after brunch to go, but for the most part it’s all finished.
The act of walking out of the conference center after the GDC completes each year always ripples through my thoughts for months after. That moment marks the completion of nearly a year of work, and it is usually tinged with some elation, some sadness, some relief, and always a fair bit of exhaustion. This year it included some frustration and melancholy, for things that went well and things that went poorly, for welcome appreciation received as well as inconsiderate criticism about our efforts.
But life keeps on moving, and completing this cycle closes an open loop for me. It is one less thing to think about, worry about, stress about. Time to refresh, renew, reconsider. And I always welcome that. New challenges ahead, or at least — different challenges. I’m ready to take some deep breaths, get some good sleep, visit with some great friends, and then plunge onward.
It was great to see you all at the conference. Now get some sleep!