Weekend Chill Time

My brother is visiting from Seattle this weekend, and we’re chilling out. (Literally, it’s been pretty cold here.) We’re playing PS2 games, examining the X360’s catalog, eating, doing mini-golf, and wandering around the bay area in a pretty low-energy mellow style. Nice relaxing way to treat a weekend, for sure.
In the back of my head are running all the thoughts of work: 400 emails to respond to, 12 expense reports to write, 3 devrel account managers to hire, and a budget in a pear tree. Always lots and lots to do. I find it easy to get distracted by volume and to just THRASH, as opposed to stepping back to the meta, and strategizing, so that I’m maximally effective.
This weekend though I’m just pushing all those things aside and focusing on relaxation. Right now that demands a heavy quantity of coffee.
EDIT: Oh, I meant to add: is this not the cutest cat you’ve ever seen?