State of the Union 2006

I’m completely thrashing at work again, and today my IT department got upset at me for accessing our corporate network from a personal machine at home. Argh! I’m just trying to maximize the amount of work I get done by absolutely having no life during the week – is there something wrong with that? 😉
The State of the Union speech is about to start, and while I usually watch it, I think I’ll turn it off. It’s so much easier and quicker to read the speech online afterward. I can’t take all the pauses for applause (appauses?), they drive me nuts. And then all the gratuitous gestures, such as Laura sitting next to a Muslim woman… argh. The whole event seems more like theatre than a useful speech. Does anyone ever really hold our President to account for the promises they made before getting into office? Doesn’t seem so. I have to give props to our mayor in San Francisco for this – check out his two-year “score sheet”, and the accompanying press release. Well done!
Okay: off, television, off!