Cities of 2005

travel cities.jpg
Jumping off Kim’s and Souris’s blog posts, here are the cities I slept in during 2005. I have to say, this is NOT ENOUGH! More business travel, and more personal travel, are absolutely required for 2006. 🙂 At least I’m off to a good start!
Athens, Greece
Austin, Texas, USA
Cairo, Egypt
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Dubai, UAE
Essex, Connecticut, USA
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
London, England
Los Angeles, California, USA
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
New York, New York, USA
San Diego, California, USA
San Francisco, California, USA
San Jose, California, USA
San Martin, California, USA
Santa Monica, California, USA
Seattle, Washington, USA
Spanaway, Washington, USA
Tokyo, Japan
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada