Last post from the Road

Alison and I are packing up to head home from Saigon. We begin our trip in an hour… it will include a two-hour hop to Hong Kong, one-hour layover there, and a 13-hour flight from Hong Kong to LAX. We’ll both stay overnight there and I’ll head back to SFO in the morning.
Jason left yesterday, so the two of us were on our own most of yesterday and today. We went back to the central market, back to our favorite restaurant (the Temple Club), did lots of Frogger across the crazy streets, scoped out videogame shops, and did a lot of shopping for this and that. The humidity here is incredible, and my energy lasts about five minutes after walking out the front door, so I’ve been bolstering my energy with iced coffee, jasmine tea, and dried mango slices when possible. Both Alison and I had a bit of illness for a day or two – her more than I – but it gradually went away as we both pumped our bodies full of Emergen-C and Airborne. We’ve been remarkably healthy, really.
I find myself in a bit of a rush right now so I’ll close off. When I get back home I’ll post something more thorough. For now, time to pack! This has really been a wonderful adventure – it’s going to be interesting being home again and incorporating everything back into my life. It’s been quite an eye-opening experience, in many ways.