Made it to Egypt!

We made it to Egypt late last night – checking into the hotel about 5am, and are now getting ready for a day of pyramid-seeing. Our tour begins at noon and we’re running around trying to get showered etc. So tired… so tired. But it’s incredibly bright and not just a bit hot here. The smog is unbelieveable, but the city we saw as we came in last night was like something from a dream – or a CNN piece. It is not just a bit peculiar to be here in an Arab country; it’s easy to draw a parallel and be frightened due to the conflicts going on in the world at the moment, but it’s more sensible perhaps to remember that this is Egypt, not Iraq nor Afghanistan. So far everyone we have met has been impossibly polite and wonderful. Our driver and tour guide last night were cracking jokes with us and telling us how complex the language is – no kidding, the Arabic language makes English look simple!
Anyway, just to let you all know we’re doing okay, and will post more pictures later!