Fun weekend game bits

Played a bunch of Guitar Heroes duets with Jeff this weekend… damn, that’s fun. I like how they set up the guitar playback in different speakers during duets. I had the handicap of trying to strum the guitar with a manic kitten hanging from my hand by her teeth – well, not always, but it was quite entertaining. Ah, kittens. 🙂 [Okay, in the pictures I linked to here she is demonstrating her alter-ego.]
GameSpy has an article on a game called “The Rub Rabbits”, which is the sequel to “Feel the Magic: XY/XX”. With names like these, how can I *not* play them? A game about love? That requires rubbing? Time to buy a DS! Hehehehhehehe. No, I’m serious, I’m going to go buy a DS and try these out.
Interview with Jeff Kalles, formerly of Nintendo of America, on Leet Speek. Some good quotes in there that remind me of my old days working at Nintendo…
Jonathan: Have you ever been to Nintendo’s Japanese Headquarters?
Jeff: Yes.
Jonathan: What was that like?
Jeff: It looks like a hospital. It’s very white and sterile, and all the floors look the same. Apparently, except for the top floor, where Mr. Yamauchi’s offices were, at the time. Although I didn’t get the chance to get up there.
Jonathan: He needs a little style up there?