Wink Spam

I’ve been getting a ton of “Trixy has winked at you!”-style messages from one of the matchmaker websites lately. What the hell. I don’t even have a picture up on that site, nor much of a profile, nor am I a member. So I’m thinking it’s spam. None of the winkers have photos, and of course I need to become a member in order to see their profiles in depth etc. Sounds like a scam to me. I’ll sign up only to discover that the winkers are all employees of the site or something. Is nothing sacred?? Oh wait, what am I saying, it’s business, of course there’s nothing sacred. :-/
Had a really nice dinner with my good friends Robin and Alison at Frisson last night. I continue to be surprised and amazed at how many great restaurants there are in San Francisco. My secret weapon in my effort to find the best of the best is Yelp, a community website for reviewing local restaurants and businesses. Check it out if you haven’t; maybe there’s a local Yelp for your town!