Writer’s Block

Is it writer’s block or am I just being lazy?
I’ve been needing to write the Game Programming Gems 6 foreword for like, forever. 1200-1700 words to introduce the book and talk about the state of the industry, that’s all it is. But I can’t get my mind on it. I think about it and then I tap a bit and then I distract myself.
Unfortunately now I’m out of time and HAVE to bang something out. But here’s Age of Empires 3, and there’s WinAmp so I can rip some more discs, and oh yeah maybe I need a bite to eat.
I’m giving myself an hour to finish this up, and then I’m going for some Indian food. No more distractions!
ONE HOUR LATER: Okay, 1025 words written. It’s not ready yet, but getting close. Some more rearranging and hacking and moving thoughts and sections around are still to come. But it’s starting to look promising. However, I promised myself some Naan ‘n Curry. Palak paneer, here I come!
9PM: I ate too much. But yum, yum! Now to stay awake long enough to finish this up…