What happens in Vegas…

…stays in Vegas. Except for these pictures.
This is not a Half-Life 2 high dynamic range test image. But it could be:
DSC01141 (Medium).JPG
This ride, um, hangs off the top of the Stratosphere. I’m dead serious. It’s like a roller coaster car with a stopper at the end of the track, so the cars zip down to the end of the track, off the side of the 1149-foot tower, and you hang there bouncing up and down. Yikers!
DSC01157 (Medium).JPG
This ride too hangs off the Stratosphere. It’s similar to those spinning swing rides you see at the fair. Only, you’re hanging a thousand feet above the desert floor, and the swings pivot so that you face down as you spin. Is this some new form of torture device?
Make it so!
I’ve never seen a cloud like this before… are the aliens watching us?
DSC01180 (Medium).JPG
Lastly, no picture, but I had one of the best meals of my life at Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House in the MGM Grand Hotel. And I’ve had a lot of amazing meals. Between the plump oysters, a glass of Lillet Blanc, and a fluffy white cloud of a cheesecake, I was in absolute heaven. And that’s without even mentioning the rest of the tasting menu!