Crazy SF weekend!

This weekend is absolutely nuts in San Francisco.
On Saturday (today), there’s:
A big anti-war rally
SF Fallfest – a food and drink festival
Love Parade San Francisco
On Sunday (tomorrow), there’s:
The Folsom Street Fair
San Francisco Race for the Cure
A 49’ers football game
I’m thinking I better not try to drive anywhere, or I’ll never make it back to my place. However, I do have dinner plans tonight. Hmmmmm. 🙂
DSC01109 (Medium).JPG
EDIT: Most surreal moment ever! I walked up to 9th and Market, which was closed to traffic. Looking to the left, a block away, was the huge anti-war rally turning from Market onto Van Ness Ave. There were people filling the road from there all the way to the hills. To my right, two blocks away, was another sea of people, this one the Love Parade. The Love Parade people wore much brighter colors, had fewer signs, and better music. But it was damn amusing seeing people cross from one event to the other. I was particularly amused when the group of guys carrying coffins paused in their marching to let a woman with pink cotton-candy hair and go-go boots cross in front of them to reach the Love Parade event at the Civic Center. Ahhhh, San Francisco!