Larry King Live

I just watched an episode of Larry King Live that I had taped from the weekend. Why the heck did I tape Larry King? Well, they said he was going to have the Dalai Lama on there.
Basically, he had the DL along with a Christian pastor from Houston, and he virtually set them against each other. “So, DL, what do you think this natural disaster does to the idea of faith in a higher being?” When the DL says “um, Larry, well, of course, Buddhists believe in the concept of karma, we don’t believe in a higher being so much as in the self…”, Larry turns to the pastor and says “Well what do you think of that?”
It was embarrassing. The leader of a worldwide religion having a verbal battle with a pastor of a town in Texas. Give me a break. It was pretty clear that Larry had no idea what to ask the DL, he kept asking weird questions.
Then later on, they had the DL along with an actress and a few other folks. What the hell.
It was painful to watch.