60 Minutes

When I was a kid, my parents watched 60 Minutes. I thought it was stupid. I wanted to watch The Man From Atlantis. I’m an Aquarius, I always felt like Patrick Duffy was just like me!
But no, my parents watched this stupid old stodgy news program, and there was Andy Rooney, always bitching about something or other. This is when I’d excuse myself and go play with my Coleco Electronic Quarterback or something.
I take it as a sign of my growing older that Andy Rooney is now one of the few people I find interesting on mass media today. Each week on 60 Minutes, he rants about something or other, whether it’s boxes, or junk mail, or neckties. He always tackles something interesting, usually in a non-partisan, no-nonsense way. You just don’t find that on television much these days, and I really appreciate hearing it.
His recent piece on Memorial Day in the US I found particularly thought-provoking. Memorial Day is not something I think about; it’s just a day off from work for me to catch up with my day-to-day life, really. But sign me up if we can find some way to follow this suggestion of his:

Remembering doesn