Audio convert

I’m a pretty big audio geek. Not a huge, gigantic, “I won’t buy speakers unless they’re blessed by the Dalai Lama” kind of audio geek, but I’m fairly particular about the audio quality coming from my speakers. It’s why I stayed away from MP3’s for so long – until I realized that the high bit rate versions reduce that high-frequency buzzsaw sound to within tolerable limits.
So that’s why I’ve been staying away from the Bose Wave radios. I heard one a few years ago and it sounded like an 8″ speaker trapped in a little plastic box. Definitely had some extra bass but the treble and mid-range was bright and popped out to attack your ears.
Now I’m a convert though. The newest version of the Bose Wave radio – I’m sorry, “Bose Wave Music System”, is pretty darn great. I wouldn’t pay $500 for it, but then, I’d be happy to pay 58,000 American Express membership rewards points for one, which is what I did. 🙂
This version of the Bose Wave radio has an expanded waveguide which increases the bass response and reduces brightness. It actually sounds pretty darn good, especially at mid-to-high volumes. Sounds like a good speaker system, just with less width than you’d get from your home AV. It also plays MP3’s from CD, how cool is that for a clock radio?
It won’t replace my home AV system any time soon, but I’m happy to throw out the $20 analog clock radio I bought from Walgreens about ten years ago.