PSP Launches Tonight!

Sony is having a big company party at the Metreon tonight and afterward we’ll all go out and get in the line to buy PSP’s. 😉
A bunch of people have asked me what I think the best games, cases, and screen protectors are. I haven’t seen them all, I’ve been caught up with a lot of other things, unfortunately. But I can mention a few that I’ve liked…
Ridge Racers is to me a real showcase of the machine; the opening movie looks gorgeous, the racetracks are a great demonstration of the 3D capabilities of the machine, and the soundtrack is quite nice. I use this title to show off the PSP to people.
I like Lumines, because I like puzzle games and the music is great. And it’s made my Mizuguchi, so how can you go wrong?
Both Untold Legends and Wipeout Pure also look beautiful and are great showcases of the 3D capabilities.
I haven’t seen many of the other launch titles – yeah, I know they were in our GDC booth. But I barely saw the booth this year!
I received my Aero Case yesterday, and I like it a lot. It’s cheap and attractive, and has room for storing a few discs. The case that comes with the Value Pak is good for protecting the PSP from getting dinged up, but I like the idea of having some discs stored along in the same case.
I’m excited to see the PSP finally launching in North America after thinking about it so much the past two years!