Spaced out at the GDC

GDC is going great, but my mind is boggled. Too much to do, not enough sleep, and a few drinks at the evening parties… I’m left feeling spacey, headachey, and finding it a bit difficult to concentrate.
The Cell presentation on Wednesday went well I think; we got some great coverage on the Net. There’s a good piece on and another on
Last night BT played our Sony party and was really incredible. I got to meet him afterward and thanked him, but my brain was barely working properly (2 hours sleep the night before and it was now 12:30am) so I probably sounded like a big ol’ dork.
J. Allard’s Microsoft keynote was all hype and a little tiny bit of substance. After two consecutive years of empty keynotes, his keynote card should be revoked. At the end of his talk he gave away 1000 23″ Samsung HDTV’s. A grand and noble gesture certainly, but it reminded me of the old E3 booth policy – when you don’t have product, you bring booth babes to distract people. Same thing goes here.
Iwata-san’s keynote (Nintendo) on the other hand, was quite nice. I’ve always quite liked Iwata, from back when he was at HAL and we were working together on Nintendo64. His speech was very personal, his English easy to understand, and he showed clips and demos of upcoming games that were fun, or innovative, or both. Quite a well done talk.
Now I’m banging out my final slides for the PSP presentation I’m giving tomorrow, which is a talk for programmers who are new to the PSP. I have all the info, I’m basically just trying to categorize it into something which resembles a speech, and then make it a little more interesting.
Hopefully my boggled brain will work well enough and the presentation will go well tomorrow. 🙂
Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention what made me think of posting this. Wednesday night as I was paging through the contacts list on my phone, it locked up. I had to yank the battery to get it to turn off, and then I couldn’t get it to reboot. I tried everything, from shorting the contacts to letting it sit overnight with the battery and SIM card out. Nothing convinced it to boot. I was convinced it was broken, and was trying to decide whether to head to the T-Mobile store for a quick replacement.
Then about 4pm today I suddenly realized that I’d been trying to turn on my phone by hitting the “web” button, for the last 15 or so hours. Not the power button. Um, wow. Brain fade.