Game Programming Gems 5 ships!

Congratulations to Kim Pallister, editor of Game Programming Gems 5! The book is absolutely crammed to overflowing with wisdom from game programmers around the world. Check it out at Charles River Media’s website or
Thank you to the huge number of people who worked so hard to put this volume together, from our excellent publisher Jenifer Niles at Charles River Media, to Kim Pallister at Intel of course, to the section editors Jason Mitchell (ATI), Robin Hunicke (Northwestern U), Eric Lengyel (Naughty Dog), Will Damon (ATI), Michael Dickheiser (RedStorm), and Shekhar Dhupelia (Midway). And thanks especially to the gem authors, whose wisdom we depend on and without whose insight we would have nothing.
It’s a rare opportunity to be able to make a difference with tens of thousands, even a hundred thousand people around the world, and I thank each and every one of you for devoting your time to ensuring that what we’ve created is useful and valuable to all who pick up Gems 5. It was an absolute pleasure being able to work with you all. Thank you!!!