GDC begins!

I did a walk-by of the Metreon and Moscone West early this morning to see how things are going. Not too much going on yet, but the first GDC banner has gone up above the Metreon door:
The PSP campaign has begun in earnest, as well. Not far from my doorstep I found some PSP posters up… beginning the underground buzz!
Okay, maybe not so underground… on either side of the Metreon door, the PSP displays have gone up! I spent a bunch of time over the last week hacking the code that drives the video on the display – it’s a 480×272 AVI which I compressed down to PSP format and got streaming off the DVD on the PSP development tool. I just hope it keeps running, I only burned it in about 12 hours!
Here’s a closer shot… for background they have a moody movie loop playing on a TV and diffused through some fabric. Very artsy. Looks nice!
This weekend I have a lot of work to do on my PSP presentation, as well as other last-minute items. Time to get to work!