So. Sleepy.

I made it to London – I’m here on a very quick trip. Wish I had longer, and that it wasn’t so close to GDC, or perhaps I would’ve been able to visit by friend Jean-Paul in France (or Amsterdam?) or Jim in Germany. Alas.
I’m really beat. But the good news is, right across the street from the hotel is both an irish pub (the blue building) and a Starbucks (the green building). So even in my extremely spacey state, I should be able to manage stumbling over to $bucks. Worst case, I end up in the bar and have a beer. 😉
Usually I’m able to sleep on the plane with no trouble, but this trip was lousy. Couldn’t sleep, my TV screen’s audio didn’t work, and … well yeah, that’s about it. So basically I’m just feeling a bit whipped right now. Time to go out for a walk and grab some ‘ine.
ZZzzzzzzz… klarjhgds (that’s my head hitting the keyboard)