Local London Scene

Okay, so I’m in a hotel that just opened two days ago, it’s on the site of an old courthouse. They kept a few of the jail cells in the bar, and turned courtroom #1 into a restaurant. The folks at the front desk laughed, “It’s the only hotel that Mik Jagger and John Lennon stayed in before it opened!” Cuz, they were in jail. Get it?
Anyway, it’s right on the edge of Soho, basically right next door to the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe buildings, and also quite close to something that my friend Jeff will very much enjoy:
That’s right, it’s the absolutely insane Apple UK store. I’ve been to a number of Apple stores (including one in Ginza, Tokyo) but this is definitely the busiest one I’ve ever seen. The fellow at the checkout counter said it’s always crazy there. I had to wait ten minutes in line to buy a mouse! I’ve never even SEEN a line at an Apple store before. (Disclaimer: The mouse was for my Windows laptop, please do not send the Windows police after me.)
Around the corner and behind the Apple store, I found my future breakfast awaiting me. I recently stumbled across this wacky food blog site, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s a recommend caff right around the corner here. Exxxxcellent!
So far so good. 🙂 I must admit, a short little walk and I’m already amazed at all the languages I’m hearing. So much fun!