G4TechTV changes name

I keep hoping G4TechTV will improve. This press release doesn’t give me much hope. I’ve moved from thinking the concept of a video-game channel was stupid, to thinking it’s perhaps a good idea for a lifestyle channel but that the content they’re showing now just isn’t very good. I’ve at times liked Electric Playground (it’s Victor and Tommy, what’s not to like?) and X-Play (Adam is cool but I’ve never warmed to Morgan), and Pulse has good info but the hosts are generally terrrrible.
But maybe I’m just not the target market. I keep thinking MTV should show music videos, too. I’m so old school!
Just so you don’t have to read the full press release, it basically says they’re changing the name of G4TechTV back to G4, and then they’re adding a show on drift racing, and a show which is basically a videogame character beauty pageant.