The campaign against Christmas

You may have heard about the campaign against Christmas – I’ve certainly been sending all my liberal, neo-pagan friends email to join the fight! Hahahahhaahah yeah right.
For some reason Bill O’Reilly, Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity and others got it into their heads this year that there is some movement to ban Christmas from the public square. I think that’s just silly. Media Matters has a list of a few articles on this, on their excellent website.
Why anyone is working themselves into a lather about this so-called campaign is beyond me. Isn’t the United States supposed to be an accepting culture, composed of immigrants from many nations? Who said that we are all Christian? We should celebrate all of our various differences and similarities, without exclusion or special emphasis. “Happy Holidays” seems like the most inclusive greeting possible.
But then, don’t listen to me – I’ve also wondered since I was five why the U.S. is “one nation under God”, and how come “in God we trust” is written on our currency.
I guess I’m just a godless heathen!