The night is alive

Was feeling shut in this evening, so I went for a walk. I’ve been working a lot, or at least thinking about work a lot, and there’s nothing that takes my mind off what I’m doing like going for a walk and being around a lot of people.
Decided I’d walk down to 11th & Folsom, just to see what is there, and then perhaps Best Buy (even though it was closed), then loop back. For no good reason.
About half-way there I met a fellow who looked like someone who may be homeless, but turns out he was just a nice guy who liked to talk. So Kevin and I just stood in an alley around 10th and Folsom and chatted. He does detailing at a local shop, and takes care of keeping the alley clean there. (It was remarkably clean.) He was complaining about kids coming down the alley to pee after they’ve had too much to drink on weekend nights. Complaining about cops harassing him and asking for his ID all the time. About ten minutes in, as I was thinking perhaps I’d start walking again, we hear a loud BANG. Uh oh.
A 2002 Nissan Xterra had just rear-ended a taxi that was stopped at the light. Everyone was just getting out; the guy from the back of the taxi rubbing his neck in pain. Kevin and I jogged over to make sure they were okay, and then waved down a passing cop car. The Nissan driver apparently thought the light was green and hadn’t seen the taxi, so he basically just plowed right into it, since it was stopped at the light. Fortunately neither car was too smashed up, although it was telling when the Nissan driver said “I just got the front end of my car fixed last week.” Turns out he has had a DUI, though he seemed pretty sober this evening.
After ten minutes or so, after everyone’s relatives came to offer them rides home or just some support, after giving my name and number to a few of them in case they needed witness info, I said goodbye to Kevin and walked back home.
Guess there was a good reason to walk that way this evening after all.