I’m on vacation for a few days. Over Thanksgiving I visited Seattle, and I’ll post pictures and stories of that soon. But for this weekend and Monday, I’m on vacation. Or that’s the theory. I’m actually here at home doing a bit of cleaning and a lot of trying to catch up with work. I’m giving a presentation on Collada next Friday, and have to finish putting that together. I also just have a ton of other things to finish up, as apparently I’ll be heading to Japan for ten days after this week. Busy busy. I’m not very good at not working when I’m at home… I suppose that’s why this place is still a mess.
A few days ago the Third Coast International Audio Festival jumped into my mind. I don’t know why; perhaps it was being in Seattle and visiting the Experience Music Project. But I’m quite pleased at the coincidence that it happens to be on the radio today. I’m listening to it on NPR. If you missed it, I highly recommend visiting their website and listening to some of the pieces – it’s the very best of documentary radio.
More from me later!