Weekend over

Miscellaneous end-of-weekend thoughts…
Wow, look, Terraserver has 1/4-meter resolution of all of San Francisco! How crazy is that? Look, here’s some people playing soccer!
There was a big hubbub about Jason Rubin’s talk at DICE last February. I agreed with a lot of what Jason said, but not really the way he said it. I liked Dave Perry’s GDC talk a lot better…
Last night I went to Vino Venue, a wine-tasting club/bar/what-have-you on 3rd and Mission here in San Francisco. Essentially, you buy a smart card with X dollars on it, then use it in the machines there to sample from the hundred or so bottles they have at any time. Each sample is a standard 1oz pour, and runs $1 – $4, or more if it’s something crazy. I love this place. I found two wines that I absolutely loved – unfortunately I only remember one of them! (Guess I had too many samples… 🙂 ) The Waugh Cellars Zinfandel was Out Of This World. Here’s a review.
Weekend’s over. Waah! But I’m jumping over to the R&D department at SCEA for the majority of my time beginning this week to work on the documentation and tutorials for our next-generation effort. Yahoo! That should be a lot of fun.