Before the election, I was saying that I’d rather have had the country go squarely republican than have it go half-and-half and do this crazy deadlock again. I’m not so sure of that now. But I hardly expected I’d wake up this morning with three unclaimed states:
New Mexico:
Bush 335K, Kerry 323K
Bush 741K, Kerry 725K
Bush 2.79M, Kerry 2.66M
With the electoral votes at Bush 254, Kerry 252, it seems EXTREMELY unlikely that Kerry will pull out the win.
I just frankly find it amazingly unbelievable that the U.S. re-elected Bush after all the crazy things that have happened in the administration over the past four years. I’m stunned. We impeached a president for getting a blowjob, and we re-elect this one for getting us into a war for no good reason.
I’m trying to understand why it is that so many good people would vote for Bush. I’m guessing that it’s largely “security” or “faith”. Or that both sides made such a mess out of each other with negative advertising that everyone just decided to stick with the party lines they voted for last time.
In any case, my nerves are raw right now. If anyone in my immediate vicinity crows about the Bush victory, I just might pop them. Actually, I’m pretty much a pacifist, so I’d probably just kick them in the crotch.