Presidential Debate Rules #2

Tonight’s debate rules:
90 minute town-hall style debate
Moderator is Charles Gibson
Location is Washington University in St. Louis
Starts at 6pm Pacific time
2 minute closing statement from each candidate
Audience is 100-150 persons who are equal numbers of “soft” Bush or “soft” Kerry supporters. An equal number of “soft” Bush and “soft” Kerry supporters will pose questions. Participants selected by the Gallup organization.
Candidates will be seated on stools with backs and a footrest, before the audience, in approximately a horseshoe arrangement. Each candidate has a place for a glass of water and paper and pens or pencils for taking notes. Each candidate may move about in a predesignated area. These areas may not overlap.
The participating audience shall be separated from the nonparticipating audience.
The topic is not limited but shall include an equal number of questions related to foreign policy and homeland security on the one hand and economic and domestic policy on the other.
It’s not clear whether Charles Gibson gave in and signed the agreement from the Commission on Public Debates regarding limits on how he moderates. Assumedly so, or he wouldn’t be moderating, but as of a few weeks ago he hadn’t signed. Hmmmm!