A good week

This was one of the busier weeks I’ve had for awhile, extracurricularly. Had some really nice dinners with friends most days last week. Thursday night I met up with Robin and Doug at Lavanda in Palo Alto. Lavanda is a wine bar, and has some really nice selections. I love going there to try new wines and graze on little plates of goodies. Lavanda is also apparently making an effort to reduce the pigeon population in Palo Alto:
Okay, actually that’s quail. 🙂
Went out to see Eric Clapton on Friday night with my friend Amy. What a crazy show! I haven’t seen that many old white people dance uncontrollably… well, ever. Very entertaining people-watching there in San Jose’s HP Pavilion.
A couple of folks dropped by today to look at the DeLorean and decide whether they wanted to bid it up higher on ebay. It sits at $5400 currently, which is an absolute steal for this car. The D definitely has some issues, but anyone who is comfortable working on cars or wants to learn will do really well with it. I’m looking forward to selling her now, and just clearing out that part of my brain which has been dedicated to wondering when I would get around to fixing her. I’m sure there are many other useful things I could dedicate those brain cells to.
We removed the financial contingency on the loft yesterday, which takes us one step closer to sealing the deal. Yay!