Amazing speeches

Okay, so I totally wasn’t excited about the DNC convention at all. Four days of crowing about how great Kerry is. Okay, woohoo, great. I remember when once they debated the platform at these conventions…
Anyway. I saw Barack Obama on a few Sunday morning talk shows, and everyone was talking about how great he is and how he’s the soul of the new democratic party and blah blah blah and I didn’t get it. And I kind of resented, frankly, that they weren’t saying the soul of the new democratic party was Gavin Newsom, mayor of San Francisco. Because Gavin was that soul until he supported gay marriages. I guess that’s too divisive of an issue for the “new democratic party”. Sheesh.
Annnnyway. What I’m getting at is that I’ve been making a point of listening to all the major speeches (thanks to C-Span and Tivo). And there have been some great ones, particularly Barack Obama’s this evening. It was Clinton-esque in its vision-crafting and eloquence, Edwards-ian in its popularism, and Dean-ish in its passion. It was pretty damned impressive.
So okay, if he’s the soul of the new democratic party, I’m liking where this is going.
You can read or watch Obama’s speech via the links at his website. And I recommend that you do!
It was also startling how wonderful Clinton’s speech was on Monday night. Startling in that I’m not used to hearing our president be so eloquent. I miss that.
… In other news, I took the day off to work on the DeLorean. At one point I had the passenger door working properly, but then the solenoid locked up again. I really need to take the door apart to fix it. But instead I’m putting the D up for sale, and I’ve noted the solenoid problem in the notes. I sent the word out to the Northern California DeLorean mailing list, and also put her up on ebay. So far the ebay bidding is going better than I expected. Fingers crossed…