Weekend, weekend

It’s a nice weekend. A little warm here in Palo Alto, but that’s okay! I’m spending some time working on the DeLorean, under the assumption that I’m going to sell it in order to have more money to put on the house. I’m sad about selling it, but frankly I’ve had the D for three years – always thinking someday I’d work on it – and never actually got around to fixing it up. There was always something else that was better to spend time or money on. I’ll probably lose money by selling it now, but it will make life simpler, which is a good thing.
Yesterday I met up with Robin and Doug Church for lunch at Cafe Niebaum. What a delightful way to spend a Saturday, munching on greens and a chilled glass of sauvignon blanc, chatting with good friends about their lives and the game industry. Robin seems to be spending more and more time in the SF bay; I think she should just stay and have someone send all her things over, but that’s just me. 🙂
I’m still playing Rise of Nations. Last night I finished the first campaign with a victory, but not a strong one. It was the first time I really pushed myself and played the computer on “Medium”. I’m pleased that I’ve learned some techniques in the process that make me a stronger player against others. The game continues to flower open and reveal new beneficial strategies the more I play it, which is the sign of a really wonderfully crafted experience. It is enough of a thinking game that I find it challenging, and short enough that I can dive in to play a quick game before getting on with my day. Highly recommended!