I’m going to put in a bid on a loft in the South of Market area tomorrow. It’s one of the places I checked out last weekend, and after looking at a few more lofts this weekend, it’s still my favorite. We’ve looked at perhaps a dozen, and this one just stands out – it’s well cared for, modern, roomy enough for all my junk, and has stainless steel kitchen appliances and a spiral staircase. 🙂
It doesn’t have a patio or terrace, which is a bummer, but the roof deck in the building has great views, and there’s a shared BBQ located there. It’s also on the ground floor, which wasn’t really what I was looking for, but since the place is three floors the living area is actually one/two floors above the street.
The real question now is: how much do I overbid the price? The agent seemed to think she would get a maximum of three bids, which isn’t so bad. Compare that to the place I saw earlier in the day, which was fairly similar in quality, but priced $50K lower – that place will get a zillion bids and they’ll all be overbid like crazy. Soooooo, if I really want this loft, how much should I overbid? It’s a guessing game.
I’ll take a guess that isn’t too crazy, and we’ll see what happens. If I roll the dice right I’ll have a nice new home and be spending a crazy amount of money each month for it. Ahhhh, San Francisco property values. It’s just insane, I can’t get used to it.
Wish me luck!