SF Loft Quest

As part of my continuing quest for a San Francisco loft to purchase, I drove all over the South-of-Market (SOMA), Portero Hill, and Mission districts last weekend. Checked out the neighborhoods of nine lofts I was curious about.
Basically they were all sketchy. I guess that’s largely because of the amount of money I can afford. Now, don’t get me wrong, the buildings themselves may have been amazing, and the interiors of the lofts are pretty great, but step outside and you’re questioning whether you should be walking around there. So that sucks.
Here’s a picture of a neighborhood that was decent. The loft building is on the left. Across the street — razor wire. Excellent!
I’m looking forward to hitting up open houses next weekend. Hopefully some more cool places will open up closer to the Embarcadero, in the low numbers of streets, where the neighborhoods are a bit nicer.