Of mortgages and and and…

Today I started the next step of the house-buying project. Still lots of unanswered questions, but what is life without unanswered questions?
Had a chat with the mortgage fellow tonight and he’s going to do some research for me. Looks like I’ve got a 5% downpayment on the kind of place I’m looking for, which ain’t much. Yeah, anywhere else it’d be like a 20% downpayment. 😉
I’m using the local MLS database to cruise through the listings, and there are a reasonable number of lofts in the SOMA area of San Francisco in my price range. It would sure be nice to be able to walk to the Museum of Modern Art, or Chinatown, the waterfront, the Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building, and so on.
Things I have to sort out yet are my penchant for making noise (sax), and what to do with the DeLorean. Right now I’m leaning toward fixing the angle drive, sorting out the electrical problem, and then selling it as a fixer-upper. I’m sure I’d lose money on it, but whatcha gonna do. Most city lofts have only one parking place, and I’m pretty clear that the DeLorean is more a hobby than a car. I love it, but I don’t really have time for another hobby. (Clearly that is the case, since the car has been sitting in the garage for the nearly entire three years I’ve owned it.) I’ll be bummed to sell it though. Maybe down the road I can find one in better condition.
Anyway, lots of things to sort through. I’m talking to the realtor tomorrow. Guess I’ll hang back on looking at anything until I’m pre-approved by the lenders.
On another note… damn, I’m tired. I’m working myself off some nasty meds I’ve been taking lately, and they’re screwing up my sleep pattern just as much coming off them as they did going onto them. Ugh!
Nap time.