Okay, too long since the last post. Bad Mark!
Soooooo… I’ve been playing a lot of FarCry. And by “a lot” I mean I wish the thing was shorter. And easier.
But then, on the other hand, I don’t.
Cuz FarCry… well, it’s a hard game, but for the most part it’s not hard in the computer-as-cheater way where it can pop me in the head from a sniper’s point off in the distance that’s beyond the far clipping plane.
No, it’s worse. It’s hard in the way that makes me feel like an idiot.
But that’s also what makes it fun. When the enemy soldiers see me, they’ll try to flank me, or send a helicopter after me, or stalk through the bushes after me. They’re not stupid; they’ll hide behind rocks and peek out to squeeze off a few shots.
So when a particular approach doesn’t work and I get offed, I think: Hmmm, what if I crawled through the bushes and sniped these guys from behind, instead of coming at them Rambo-like with my machine gun? And in some instances the Rambo approach works better, in some the sniping mode, and in some neither of those approaches works well. Which makes me feel like I’m outsmarting the computer, not just learning the pattern I need to solve the level. And that’s the mark of a good game.
But it’s still damned hard. And I’m almost at the end. And I’m happy about that. I can go back to playing Rise of Nations. 🙂