Vancouver Fun

Forgive me father for I have sinned; it has been a few days since my last blog entry.
Over the weekend I visited my good friend Dante and his girlfriend Effie, in Vancouver Canada. Dante has been working WAY TOO MUCH and needed someone to force him to RELAX. Or at least, that’s how I saw it. 🙂 So I flew up for a visit.
The first thing you notice after you get off the plane at the Vancouver airport is that their airport is absolutely gorgeous. And clean. And… there are trees, a creek, and a waterfall inside it. It’s stunning. Check out the huge totem bird thing that hangs from the ceiling.
Vancouver Eagle.JPG
If you haven’t been to Vancouver, you’re really missing something. The scenery is absolutely stunning; water and mountains in all directions. Most of the population seems to live in high-rise condos, and why not? You get a better view that way. The air is fresh and clean, and over the weekend the temperature was quite comfortable. It also doesn’t hurt my feelings much that Vancouver is very cosmopolitan – many ethnicities represented in the city, and many very beautiful people.
I should also mention that you can’t walk fifty feet without getting a whiff of someone smoking a doobie. Crazy! 🙂
Dante and Effie.JPG