Listen to your doctor

Okay, I couldn’t ignore this crazy thing that happened this evening. Was out getting dinner with Alan Yu, Doug Church, Robin Hunicke and Austin Grossman. We were having Chinese hot pot. Mmmmmm.
Well, my naturopath had told me not to eat any chiles. But I didn’t figure a little chile would hurt much, so I mixed a tiny bit of the red paste into my soy sauce. Dipped my first bite of meat into the sauce and stuck it in my mouth, and I’ve never felt such fire. I reactively swallowed the piece to get it out of my mouth, and my throat swelled closed. What the F? I couldn’t breathe at all. Had to motion to Alan that I was having a little trouble. He pounded me on the back a bit, thinking I had gotten some food down the wrong pipe.
After a few moments of gasping, and making several frog-like croaks and coughs which rewarded me with a tiny amount of air, my throat slowly returned to normal.
I’m not sure what vitamin/supplement I’m taking right now that has made me so sensitive to spice, but WOW. Next time I’ll listen to the doc more carefully. That was a few very scary moments.