Eric Dybsand

I just received word that Eric Dybsand, an important contributor to the Artificial Intelligence community for game developers, has passed away this evening. He was a substantial contributor to the Game Programming Gems series, as well as authoring numerous articles for and Game Developer magazine.
I had a long chat with him just outside of the Charles River Media party at GDC this year, and he mentioned that he was having some health issues, but I didn’t get just how serious it was. But that was Eric – always jovial. I always looked forward to running into him at the show, and catching up on his life.
The picture below is how I’ll always think of Eric – as part of the “AI Gang”. Eric is on the left.

A nice interview with Eric is located on Dave Perry’s site.
His website is located here.
And, some words and pics from the GDC 2004 AI Programmer’s Dinner.
Eric, you will be missed.