Medical Fun

Went to Stanford today and had a Cat scan. Meow!
I learned a few things: Stanford has a huge medical complex (where the heck is *EAST* Radiology? Not North, not South… ah!); a Cat scan is actually a CT Scan, and NO it’s not the same as an MRI (says the technician); and no, I can’t get a copy of the data so that I can write a 3D visualization tool and fly around in my body. Drat!
All in all it went well, however. I was in and out of there in about an hour, and the scan itself only took about 5 minutes max. Apparently it’s higher resolution than an MRI, but then, they also blast your body with a zillion X-rays as opposed to using magnets, so there’s your trade-off. I’ll be curious to see how it comes out.
In other news, we have a worldwide third-party group meeting tomorrow up at the Mandarin Oriental in San Francisco. Yahoo! Now *that’s* a nice hotel. We stayed there once before for a GDC advisory board meeting. Should be a good time.