A Blog Entry!

Welllll, okay, I decided I’d finally start writing some entries here. Please pardon the shabby state of my website! Each directory has its own style, each page written in a different manner… it’s almost as if someone used VI to code the whole thing. (uhhhhhh…)
Sooo, just a few notes for now. Nothing fancy. I’ve added a few pictures of GDC 2004. I put a few links here and there. I fretted about the ugliness of the site. One of these days, I might actually buy Dreamweaver and make this thing pretty – but that would be a drastic step!
Those of you who know me know I’ve been feeling lousy lately. Still haven’t sorted that out, but I’m getting an MRI tomorrow (Monday) to compare against the one we did last August. I bet it will come out clean, just like the blood tests and Xrays have. Sigh. I guess it’s great news that I’m so healthy, but not when I FEEL LOUSY! Oh well. 🙂 We’ll get this sorted out eventually.
I just heard Captain Janeway from Star Trek:Voyager doing a Ford commercial. WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO???