Listening to KPFA on the way from the naturopath to work this morning; heard this great show – “Music of the World”, which apparently runs 10am-noon. What caught my ear were some east Indian melodies, feminine vocals which glided up and down through quarter-tones that you don’t find in typical western harmony. Very nice stuff. Later on they had some American Indian chanting, a bit of Tibetan horn blowing, some fellow playing shells, all manner of very human and very real music. A pleasant change of pace in a hectic week.

Spent yesterday in San Francisco at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental, having worldwide third-party group meetings. This hotel is just gorgeous. We stayed there a few years ago for our annual GDC advisory board meeting, and the views from the top are absolutely spectacular. Wouldn’t you know it, I forgot my camera.
But all was not completely well with the world. They advertised as having Wifi, and after we pointed out that we couldn’t log into it, they appear to have simply turned it off instead of giving us access; so we used the T-mobile hotspot at the Starbucks instead. Then we asked them to drop some bags into my car (that we had valet parked with them) – at midnight last night when we were back to Foster City, we realized that they hadn’t put them in there, and worse yet it turns out they put them in someone else’s car! (Bye bye blackberry!) Ah well.
We had dinner at the Farallon, though, and the only bad thing I have to say about that is that I ate too much. Highly recommended!