Abu Dhabi Pics #2

I promised some more pics of Abu Dhabi, some images that highlight the difference between their culture and the west (or at least the U.S.) Here you go!
First, a beautiful view of the mosque at dawn.
Now, how bout those falcons! No, really, we’re walking around in the convention center, and we suddenly come across about 25 falcons just hanging out.
Here is our new friend Ramin Lebastchi with a very mellow falcon on his arm.
Around the corner from the falcons, there were some women hand-weaving a very colorful rug…
And don’t forget the camel auction!
No, seriously, it was a camel auction. 🙂 All the camels were sold in pairs, with sets seeming to go for between 50,000 and 150,000 dirhams (around $14000 to $41000 USD). Wow!